Less than 100 days!

Well, I’ve finished up the classes I wanted to take, both the two-day Northern Lights Diesel Engine and Generator maintenance class as well as the full two-week series of Coast Guard Captains License classes.  Next week I’m back to mini-retirement (heretofore dubbed unemployment) and I’ll again be able to work on various projects around the house and boat.

So today I pulled up our website and noticed that the countdown clock has ticked under 100 days left, and now I’m worried we don’t have enough time.

  • We need to clean out the house and get it ready for renters
  • We need to finish several boat projects (not all boat projects, just specific ones, there is no end to the list of boat projects and I know that I can’t expect to complete them all)
    • Specifically an antenna mast on the stern of the boat and a heating system for cold weather
  • We still need to get our Mazda repaired (again) after the lasted rear-ending by an inattentive driver
  • We need to solidify our marina slip lease terms for the next few months
  • We need talk to BMW about taking one of our leases month-to-month for a couple months after the lease expires
  • We need to figure out what to do with the rest of our vehicles

I need to deal with this fuel issue —->


Meanwhile, our consulting business is heating up, which is great for all sorts of reasons, but it’s growing a slight bit faster than I’d like, since we haven’t been able to add staff and get them trained to do the work as quickly.

We did take advantage of a flash one-day sale at West Marine last week to buy new line to replace almost all of our running rigging.  Combining the sale price and a coupon code I had we saved hundreds of dollars over the cheapest prices I found online from anyone.

This Tuesday I’ll finalize all of my Coast Guard paperwork to apply for the Captains Li
cense.  It sounds like the application process will take 3 weeks or so.



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