Bainbridge and Blake Island Fun

On Monday as we left Poulsbo, we made a short little hop to the west side of Bainbridge Island and tied up to a mooring ball offshore of Devon’s aunt and uncles house.  I transferred fuel from the main tank to the secondary underway.  Then after Devon finished a bit of work, and I showered, we dinghy’d to shore and rode the tram up the hillside to the house.

We spent the evening with family enjoying dinner, drinks, games, and good discussion.  Later in the night we dinghy’d back to the boat for bed and slept well.   In the morning we relaxed a bit, cleaning up the boat, doing some more work, and then we fired up the engine, released the mooring, and made way for Blake Island.


Morgan practiced taking the helm and even navigated properly through Rich Passage, something a few adults apparently had trouble with…  ouch!

Wrong side of the green marker

We made it to Blake Island State Park marina, stopped briefly at the pump out, then found a spot on the dock for the night.  We relaxed in the boat, the kids and Devon took a walk and saw deer and trash pandas (raccoons), had dinner, then went to bed.

In the morning, after breakfast, we decided to take a hike on the island.   We had reservations for the Tillicum Village Salmon Dinner (Lunch-time version) experience at 12:15 so we headed out across the island to explore.   We played a game that every new animal we saw needed to be catalogued (photographed) for science.  We saw raccoons, a mouse, starlings, geese, a blue heron, and deer.  We also saw an elderberry bush, something I’m not sure I’ve actually seen in person and known what it is.  There are a ton of HUGE ferns in the forest area, feeling almost Jurassic Park like.  We made it back around the island in about 2 hours, just in time for check in for lunch.

We’ve been to Tillicum Village several times (about once a year) because the kids really like it, the story is actually good, and the food is very good.  One of my favorite things is the story passed down by the tribes that describes how the birds got their songs.   I just like the story and how it explains something that a child might ask but really can’t be explained.

After lunch, we hot-footed it back to the boat, untied the lines and headed out of the marina.  I transferred fuel from We wanted to get to Port Ludlow for the night, but made a stop at Shilshole Marina again to pick up the new table legs I had ordered and other mail we had waiting for us.  We filled our 5 gallon jerry can of unleaded fuel for the dinghy and filled the main diesel tank with about 35 gallons of diesel.  The secondary tank was still 7/8 full so we left it alone.  A few hours later we dropped anchor in Port Ludlow, which has great wifi by-the-way, and we went to bed.

Next Stop Anacortes..








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