About Us


In October 2013, two bottles of wine changed our lives.  With the help of some fabulous chardonnay, the truth finally flowed between two dedicated lovers and life partners. We both harbored a secret desire to leave “the grind” and sail the world.  Once that was out in the open, the adventure began…  We were going cruising. For a year.  Or Two…  We are planning four years to save and prepare. Follow our journey from its meager beginnings.

Who Are the Andersons?

We’re a family of 4 living in the suburbs of Seattle. Devon (a/k/a Mama, for simplicity’s sake) grew up sailing the Northwest for a week or so each summer, but hasn’t sailed for years. Now she’s a lawyer, practicing insurance coverage litigation in Washington, Oregon, and California.  Rich (Dad) is a pre-sales software specialist engineer with Dell EMC.  He picked up sailing shortly before we were married after Mama’s not-so-gentle nudging.  We purchased a 1975 Cal 2-29 in 2006 for sailing around Puget Sound and made annual 8-9 day trips through the amazing San Juan Islands for a few years.  Then we had our first baby girl, Morgan (a/k/a Mo), and our sad-yet-loved 1975 Cal 2-29 was sacrificed. Baby Girl #2, Olivia (more commonly known as Ellie, and sometimes Bert), came along two years later, and we hadn’t done much sailing in the meantime, except for one guys’ trip on a chartered Hunter 35 a few years ago more recently Dad has picked up dinghy sailing on the lake in the summer.  So now is the time to double down on sailing!

What’s the Plan?

Beginning in 2013, we started saving more money than we ever thought possible.  We purchased s/v Mobert, a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45, in early 2014 and have been sailing it around Puget Sound and British Columbia to get our sea legs as a family.  Then, we plan to set sail in June 2017.  The girls will be almost 7 and 5 then, so we’ll wait until the school year is almost over, and then out into the world we go!

In the meantime posts on this blog will be a mix of preparations, local cruising log, and some other related topics mixed in.

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