Raspberry Pi Marine Computer

Build a marine navigational computer with the low-power and low-cost Raspberry Pi.

You’ll Need:

  • Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
  • A case to protect the rPi board
  • EDIMAX Wifi USB Dongle
  • Logitech Mini 2.4ghz wireless keyboard with trackpad
  • HDMI or composite video cable
  • MicroSDHC Memory card (8GB+) Class 10 or better ( I use a SanDisk Ultra Plus 64GB U1 Class MicroSDXC+ Card)
  • A Mac or PC computer to download the OS Image and write it to the SD card

This was last updated June 27, 2016 with Raspbian Jessie, Kplex 1.3.4, and OpenCPN 4.2.1

The following links take you on to further steps for a fully fledged boat computer:

Step 1: Install Raspbian Linux on the Raspberry Pi

Step 2: Configure Raspbian OS on the Raspberry Pi

Step 3: Configure WiFi Access Point and Internet Gateway

Step 4: Install kPlex NMEA Multiplexer

            Extra: Verify NMEA data is being processed by kPlex (coming soon)

Step 5: Install OpenCPN Chartplotting Software

            Extra: Install OpenCPN optional plugins (coming soon)

Step 6: Optimize Performance (coming soon)


Optional Features:

  Option 1: Media Server with automatic sync from home (coming soon)

  Option 2: Wikipedia Server for research without Internet (coming soon)

  Option 3: Minecraft PE Server for multi-user LAN play (coming soon)

  Option 4: Kahn Academy Lite to support Boat School (coming soon)

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