Raspberry Pi Marine Computer

Build a marine navigational computer with the low-power and low-cost Raspberry Pi.

Note: Please use the affiliate links below to purchase any components you need for your project – doing so will help us continue development of this project at no additional cost to you!

You’ll Need:

This was last updated June 27, 2016 with Raspbian Jessie, Kplex 1.3.4, and OpenCPN 4.2.1

The following links take you on to further steps for a fully fledged boat computer:

Step 1: Install Raspbian Linux on the Raspberry Pi

Step 2: Configure Raspbian OS on the Raspberry Pi

Step 3: Configure WiFi Access Point and Internet Gateway

Step 4: Install kPlex NMEA Multiplexer

            Extra: Verify NMEA data is being processed by kPlex (coming soon)

Step 5: Install OpenCPN Chartplotting Software

            Extra: Install OpenCPN optional plugins (coming soon)

Step 6: Optimize Performance (coming soon)


Optional Features:

  Option 1: Media Server with automatic sync from home (coming soon)

  Option 2: Wikipedia Server for research without Internet (coming soon)

  Option 3: Minecraft PE Server for multi-user LAN play (coming soon)

  Option 4: Kahn Academy Lite to support Boat School (coming soon)


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