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First Pictures!!!In December, 2006, we purchased a 1975 Cal 2-29 sailboat.  Currently named Attitude, we had planned to eventually go through the rigorous process of de-naming and renaming the boat after Sleipnir, Odin’s eight legged horse, the fastest animal over land, sea, and air. We never ended up doing that though.

The Cal 2-29 is a Bill Lapworth design and is a cruiser/racer class sloop.


Our Boat Moored at James Island
Our Boat Moored at James Island

Attitude had pressure water (cold only), an ice box, propane stove/oven in stylish avocado green, a propane Force 10 heater, a knot meter and depth sounder, a vhf radio, and original sails.


  • LOA – 29.34 ft
  • LWL – 24 ft
  • Beam – 9.25 ft
  • Draft – 4.5 ft (fin keel)
  • Displacement – 8000 lbs
  • Ballast (lead keel) – 3350lbs
  • Sail Area – 434 sq ft
  • Theoretical Hull Speed – 6.6 knots (we’ve clocked 9kts with GPS and knotmeter)
  • Sail Area to Displacement Ratio – 17.36 (pretty good ratio for performance)
  • Displacement to LWL – 258 (cruiser/racer)
  • Farymann A30M Diesel Inboard w/Nanni 2:1 Reduction transmission (12HP 1-Cyl)
Devon at the helm while sailing with double reef in the main
Devon at the helm while sailing with double reef in the main

The Farymann was rebuilt for the first time in 2000 after 25 years of use.  We moored the boat in Everett, WA and sailed her in the Salish Sea from Seattle up through the BC Gulf Islands.  The top end was rebuilt again in 2010 after a cooling passage rusted through into the intake runner in the head.  The little single cylinder diesel worked like new after that, but we eventually sold the boat in 2011 because we had a child, two jobs, and a non-profit charity we were running, we simply didn’t have the time.

This little boat was awesome and will be missed.   I maintain an online library of Cal Boat documents are resources for the benefit of other owners on my personal website at http://richardanderson.net/calsailboats/.

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